Thursday, March 5, 2015

Chopper from Star Wars Rebels and TrashCat

Internet Cats & Robots Day 5:
Grumps in cylinders.
Trashcat and C1-10P are not amused by their appearance on this napkin.

Trashcat's image and lack of amusement seems to have been a  2007 follow- up to 2003's "Limecat is not pleased." The catchphrases of "so and so is not amused, is not pleased, does not approve, etc" combined with images of surly looking cats or celebrities proliferated all over the web.  Or so I read, no one was sending me images of lolcats at the time.

This was another case of a pairing of cat and robot based mostly on shape....Although Chopper is a rather cranky droid, well known for both his lack of compliance and disapproval of human antics, so they do have the "disapproving entity in a can" characteristic in common.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Limecat and R2-D2

Internet Cats and Robots, Day 4:

Limecat and Artoo are not pleased that many people cannot tell the difference between a pomelo and a lime.

Limecat (later know also as Melon cat or helmet cat) was another one of the early lol cats passed around the Internet starting in 2003. The photo was often reproduced with the tagline, "Limecat is not pleased."

It seems wearing a pomelo rind on one's head is part of a Chinese mid autumn moon festival, and the original picture might be Chinese in origin. There have, of course, been many other memes of cats with fruit rinds on their heads since. Google "cats with fruit helmets" if you somehow missed this trend. My personal favorite is the "Scurvy Awareness Day" website,, and their gallery of  "scurvy free cats" wearing citrus on their heads. They have even given Limecat the name of Mr. Boots and, remarkably, also misidentified the headgear in question as a lime.

As to the question of why Limecat and R2-D2?
I can only say that I remain more than a bit of a formalist. For my 12 year old son who sometimes reads this blog: that means that I put the two together purely because of their similar shapes.

(Now I just need to find a robot who goes well with the cats wearing toast on their heads- otherwise known as "Inbread" or "Breaded cats")

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Attack on Link

Link takes on a Colossal Ganon:

Apparently we can plug practically any story into the "Attack on Titan" model with satisfying results.

This one is based on the "unofficial" poster for the forthcoming live action movie of the AoT franchise. 

Somehow I have managed to dodge learning much of anything about the "Legend of Zelda" universe.  For those who know even less about it than I do, (and Mom, I am talking to you, because I assume that anyone else who takes an interest in these sorts of things already knows chapter and verse on Zelda)  I can only offer that Link, the blond, pointy eared guy in the Robin Hood outfit, is the hero of the franchise. His ultimate nemesis in "The Ocarina of Time," is a guy named Ganondorf who morfs into a large boar creature at the end.  This facet of the Zelda story hails from a 1998 Nintendo game which was the 5th in the Legend of Zelda series, and according to Wikipedia, is "now considered by many critics and gamers to be the greatest video game of all time."

Ansel says that few in the second grade know anything about Link and Zelda. But there is one cool kid who has an 8th grade sister and is therefore up on the game.

Since one cool kid might get the reference, this napkin was OK for today.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Ultron and Happy Cat

"I can has world domination?"
Day 3 of Internet Cats and Robots

"Happy Cat" was one of the first and, in his day, most well known of the "lol cats." His (or her) image was mostly circulated with the text "I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER?" beginning perhaps in 2003 or 2007.  I was a new parent during these years and was not paying any attention to the lolcat phenomenon...or to much of anything that was not screaming or on fire.

Ultron is the ubervillain of the second Avengers movie "The Age of Ultron" due out in May of this year. My kids have already demanded that I swear an oath to take them to see the movie as soon as it opens.

While I don't know the details of the movie, Ultron does seem to be a self-aware, distributed artificial intelligence, who decides that irradicating those pesky humans is the best course of action.

If his intelligence is distributed on the web, he is probably tired of having a sizable percentage of his mind filled with idiotic pictures of cats.

Attack on Pokemon

Or maybe it should be "Attack on Ketchum"

Unsurprisingly, none of my son's second grade classmates are familiar with the "Attack on Titan" series, but Pikachu is always good.

"Attack on Titan" and "Pokemon" seemed like good candidates for a mashup as they are both manga and anime series that engage in serious violations of the law of conservation of mass. The Titans, including the "Colossal Titan," who looms so compellingly over the barrier wall, spring instantaneously from normal sized humans.

And Pokemon somehow fit in those little balls.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Birthday Hydreigon

A napkin/card for a Pokemon themed 8th birthday party.
It is probably way too much pink and purple for a male birthday child, but so be it.

When our older son was 8, the Pokemon infection was so widespread and intense that the second grade teachers outlawed Pokemon cards at school. There were many Pokemon napkins as I tried to compensate for our son's lack of $15 cards. Mercifully, our younger son's second grade enthusiasm for things Pokemon is much less intense.

But after attending this Pokemon birthday party today, the situation has escalated noticeably.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Lil Bub and Terminator

Internet Cats with Robots: Day 2

Why this pair? It really defies explanation.  Lil BUB definitely seemed like the obvious follow up to Grumpy Cat.  According to her official website, she "has overcome great challenges, is a published author, a talk show host, a movie star, and has helped raise well over $100,000 for animals in need." 

When I spent a few sleep deprived minutes contemplating which pop culture robot would be her ideal counterpart, I did not have any sort of epiphany.

 While C-3P0 does have a similar facial expression, in hindsight, perhaps I should have gone with Ultron.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Baymax and Grumpy Cat

"Hairy Baby!'

Ansel had forgotten how much he liked "Big Hero 6."
He had not, however, forgotten the "Hairy Baby" scene.  As it was included in the original trailer, and the more recent advertising for the DVD/iTunes release, there was really no way to forget it.

Mochi, the cat in the movie, is mostly agreeable and plump. After listening to many repetitions of "Hairy Baby"and marveling at the efficacy of sound-bite advertising on the 8-12 year old mind, I was perhaps feeling...grumpy.

And I am continually impressed at the internet meme and marketing marvel that is Grumpy Cat.

Additionally, yes, I am aware that Grumpy Cat is really a female feline, is actually named "Tardar Sauce," and as she suffers from feline dwarfism, is probably smaller than depicted here. These important facts and others were drawn to my attention by Grumpy Cat authorities in the past when I mistakenly referred to her as a "he."

Next up, Lil Bub with the Terminator?... or Trash Cat with Wall-e?..."Happy Cat" (The one who says, "Can I has cheeseburger?") with the Cybermen?

The possibilities are endless... or at least several.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Turkor the Ungrateful From Terraria

We've gone a few days without a Terraria boss napkin, so we were overdue.

Ansel was a bit suspicious of this drawing when he saw it this morning before school.  His endlessly-informed-about-all-video-games older brother reassured him that, yes, Turkor really does have a cooked turkey body, and really does, Hydra-like, sprout extra heads. 

I had seen a video clip on Youtube last night that featured two heads.  If I had know that there could be more, I definitely would have included them.  I am always pleased when I get a chance to draw a wild turkey head.

Here is a link to the Turkor page on the Terraria Wiki if you still doubt that this could possibly be a character:

Monday, February 23, 2015

Dovahbear from Skyrim

What could be more compelling than video games that you are too young to play?:
Games that you are too young to play that also have bears wearing horned helmets.

My older son turned twelve this morning, and has now renewed the argument that he is old enough for M rated games like Assassin's Creed and Skyrim. After all, we let him play some 12 plus games when he was a mere 10 or 11. He is wisely not extending this argument to Grand Theft Auto at the moment...although he has on other occasions.

As far as I know, there is no lap dancing in Skyrim. But there are Dovahbears, and they are pretty enticing as far as both kids are concerned.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Attack on Titan Survey Corps Cake

I have used something in excess of 16 sticks of butter over the last 23 days.

Due to poor long range planning on my part, the kids' birthdays are only 22 days apart.
This makes for a challenging February for me, as there are two birthday cakes and two classrooms' worth of "birthday snack" cupcakes to be baked, and more importantly, to be frosted. Baking is definitely not one of my talents, but I do have a fair amount of experience with squirting colored frosting .

The kids claim to have outgrown frosting depictions of things like dragons and puppies. Both asked for geometric cake decorations. Given my haphazard style of frosting application, this proved to actually be harder than drawing a superhero or a dog. Ansel requested a target and Archer asked for the insignia from the Survey Corps capes in the manga series "Attack on Titan."

When laboring over the the fussy geometric pattern on Archer's cake at 1am a couple of days ago, I actually thought back fondly on previous cake requests like "The Predator Riding Godzilla."

Friday, February 20, 2015

Wicket and Paddington with Storm Trooper Helmet

An Ewok and a Bear share a moment.
Maybe they are considering eating something other than marmalade?

I thought that Wicket and Paddington had so much in common, how could I not put them together on a napkin?  They are both short, furry persons who wear stuff on their heads and live in forests.

And Ewoks and Bears are sometimes predatory. If the details of "Return of the Jedi" are not fresh in your mind, my sons would be happy to remind you that the Ewoks initially try to roast Luke and Han alive for dinner. At the conclusion of the movie, the Ewoks are playing Storm Trooper helmets and armor like a xylophone, and the suggestion is that the former occupants of the armor have met a rather unfortunate, (but perhaps not unsavory) end.

Of course Paddington and his much larger Aunt Lucy and Uncle Pastuzo seem to prefer to eat marmalade.  Spectacled Bears, the real life bears who live in Peru, actually eat very little meat. (I looked this up on Wikipedia, can you believe it?) But they do eat some flesh when it is available.

Stormtrooper might be an acquired taste.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Ewok Pilot and Yoda Hanging Out

Yub Yub?

There's been a little resurgence of interest in things Star Wars recently at our house. The contents of the enormous container of action figures and space ships got strewn all over the hallway, and we reread some of Jeffrey Brown's "Jedi Academy" series.

One of Ansel's favorite aspects of the series is "Ewok Pilot" a comic-within-the-book penned by the main character. The Ewok Pilot creates humorous disorder and speaks in cute Ewokisms along the lines of the aforementioned "Yub Yub!" and the always popular "EE Chee wa maa!!"

While the two characters might be near the same height, I didn't think Yoda would be as  impressed as my sons are with Ewok Pilot

And....pathetically, I just have to point out how nicely the napkin pattern lined up with Yoda's face. It's rare that I am able to make it work out so well.
Sad that this passes as a visual design accomplishment for me, but so be it.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Scabby from Chickenhare Book 2

 "Scabby wants to live!"

The boys really like the Chickenhare books by Chris Grine, and particularly "Chickenhare Volume 2: Fire in the Hole"  The book includes this scene where Scabby the sea captain expresses his feelings after being told that he and his companions are going to be transported to hell by a devil. 

This proved to be way too weird for lunch,  however.
I cannot say that I was surprised.

Monday, February 16, 2015

George and the Cherry Tree Observe Presidents Day

We definitely need to work on our Presidential recognition skills.  Ansel has learned how to recognize a few extras beyond Obama courtesy of the Simpsons (JFK, FDR, Teddy Roosevelt and Nixon) but clearly we need to do better.

I fantasized about some sort of obscure presidential napkin team-up in the spirit of "Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter":   Rutherford B. Hayes, Boss of Werewolves, William H. Taft, Beastmaster. James Garfield, Zombie Hunter, James K. Polk, Shapeshifting Overlord. etc.  I just couldn't find the time to work something like that out, conceptually or logistically.  Instead, I went for the low hanging fruit: a "Guardians of the Galaxy" Rocket and Groot style team up. 

Even the second graders know that the cherry tree story is bunk, but the tree looks nervous anyway.